Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Readings

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving vacation and, more than that, hope you have much in your life to give thanks for. Gratitude does wonders for one's attitude!

* Six questions I draw upon to prepare for the trading day;

* Excellent interview with Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges;

* A new site for rating trading and investment services;

* Coping with trading stresses and where coping goes wrong;

* Banks remain in bad shape despite rising income;

* Worthwhile Thanksgiving thoughts;

* Hope you get some time this holiday to recharge your emotional batteries;

* Charting the economic crisis.


Matthew C. said...

Interesting Thanksgiving. Dubai / Dubai world looks to be defaulting on their debt. Dollar down, ES down 20+ points.

SSK said...

Hello Brett, Thanks for a wonderful year of education! May you and your family have good health and happiness going foward! Keep up the great work, but for today, enjoy some good food with friends and family! Good Trading to You! Best, SSK