Thursday, October 01, 2009

Changing the Posting Schedule: A Note for Readers

As you can see, the frequency of posting to this blog has expanded greatly in recent months, running about three times the level from early in the year. Most of that is due to intraday posts regarding the markets, highlighting trading patterns and tools. Over time, I'll be collating those posts and organizing them into a trading primer for developing traders.

Now it's time for me to put aside the 4 AM to 8 PM daily schedule and focus on the firms that make use of my coaching services, as everyone is gunning for a positive finish to 2009. I'll continue to post on trading and market psychology, but there will be fewer "real time" posts and tweets.

And, yes, I will catch up on email (inbox reads 1905 at present) and those "passing the plate" resource posts from readers. Whew!

Thanks as always for the interest and support--



Joslin Lolo said...

Dr Brett, Many thanks for your dedication, you posted quantity and quality! look forward to the primier!

Bob said...

thank you for everything that you do to help us.

JD Clermont said...

thank you for your efforts! your the man!

Arthur said...

Thanks so much for your efforts and sharing to all the traders/investors here.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

ben said...

Thanks Dr Brett- I really appreciate all your tweets but what I've found most helpful is all the additional links you list at the end of the day post. Your tweets are a gold mine of information!

leon t said...

sad to see it go, but you must do what's best for you. thank you for the effort. will you still find time to post the pivots?. just a question.

Rex said...

Thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us. I am a soon to be new trader, and I have been voraciously studying everything I can get my hands on regarding beating the odds and becoming a successful long term trader. I have been taking your advice to heart, as well as researching the insights of others in addition to developing personal trading methods based on paper trading.

Your insights have become invaluable in my quest.

I will be looking forward to the primer.

Thanks again,

docben said...

I always thought your schedule was insane. Thanks for the help

abel said...

What a run! Congratulations on your outstanding work ethic...head and shoulders above, and second to none.

That is a fact.

I look forward to your continuing good works, in whatever form they may take you, and you may take them.

John Thompson said...

Was wondering when that would happen. I appreciate your insight on the psychology of trading more than the details of the market. I find that different traders focus on different aspects of the market (and different time horizons) - it's sometimes hard to fit others empirical observations into your model. But points like 'take a loss and make it a basis for improvement and success' (recent post) is a perspective everyone can leverage.

Boulder, CO

J Srinivasan said...

Hi Dr. Brett,

I "discovered" your blog today and have spent the better part of the day reading many many of the posts.

My response in one word: Awesome!

Thank you for sharing all those insights and especialy for the one on "Fearless Trading Inventory" back in 2006 (?).

Do know that your time has been well invested in helping so many people as I have been(as can be seen in the comments) and that surely must give your the "reward" that money can't buy.

Thanks again!
Bangalore, India