Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FinViz: Excellent Tools for Visualizing Stock Sector Performance

Hats off to a couple of readers, who noted my earlier heat map post and commented on the value of the heat maps and market data found on the FinViz site. Above we see a snapshot of just two sectors from a much larger map. Note how the stocks that are most highly weighted in the sectors have the largest boxes. The boxes are shaded red if the stock is down; green if up; and grey if neutral. The map allows a quick look at the colors of each sector, but also is organized by subsectors. This enables you to see if strength or weakness within the sectors is more general or mixed.

I will have more to say about FinViz in an upcoming post. The value here is in condensing a large amount of information into a clear display that facilitates quick processing and action.


Nathan said...

The GROUPS feature on finviz is quite helpful as well

PL said...

I saw this type of market map a few years ago at ( They say they have a patent on it (bottom of their page). Merely mentioning this to credit where credit's due.

Valentin Rossiwall said...

We have been using finviz for quit a while. it is indeed an awesome tool! we also use the world map to get an overview which markets are performing how. In addition the screeners are very helpful as well!

greetings from europe, and thanks for all your free valuable insights. (

catou said...

first I want to say thank you very much for your website.
Since 2 days the TRIN-N is positive(more tick over 800 than -800) but market is selling. Could you explain me why?
thank you