Thursday, August 27, 2009

Archive Link for Best Practices Webinar With FuturePath Trading

Many thanks once again to Damon Pavlatos and FuturePath Trading for hosting my recent webinar on best practices for traders. I know many traders could not attend the live event; thanks to FuturePath, the archived presentation is now available. Alternatively, you can find the link on the right side of FuturePath's home page. As always, I appreciate the interest. I look forward to the next free webinar, hosted by IOAMT. I'll have registration info posted shortly. Brett


Navid Badizadeh said...

thanks for the upload, looking forward to it.

what program do you use to open the file?

john riggley said...

Nice post there , very nice to see someone giving thanks where its due.

Arthur said...

Thanks very much to whoever that post this up.

D/l codec K-lite, it opens anything.

Sigamani said...

I just finished listening to the webinar you posted. Another good one, I liked the concept of relative volumes, staying with clam focus of mind and the Q/A sessions.

I consider myself a developing trader(trading in index futures market in india for over 5 months). I read your posts often and yours blogs are one of my guiding lights. Being said so, people like you can only brief others(thro' your blogs/books) and it is for the person for to rectify the mistakes. As a result of following some of your techniques like journal, i know where i am making mistakes, but till now i haven't corrected them. I think it's high time, I need to correct them. My biggest mistake was not setting targets and latching on to the trade which is a profitable one into misery loss ones.

Yesterday I read your post regarding 'Painful Truths About trading' and this has led to lot of internal discussion within me. I hope thats for the betterness.

Thanks once again for your guiding lights. Only Time will tell my utilization of those and how i fared.


Roni said...

Thanks for the posts.

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