Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Details on the Chicago Trading Seminar

This is a follow-up to the notice for the Chicago trading seminar for those who have registered to attend. The event is booked solid with a waiting list; although it will not be recorded, we will be posting PowerPoint slides from the session and will conduct a webinar on related topics in the near future. Here are the details:

Session Title: "Understanding Markets, Understanding Yourself"

Date/Time: Friday, July 17th; 1:00 PM CT - 5:00 PM CT

Location: Third Floor Conference Room; Club Quarters Hotel; 111 West Adams St. between Clark and LaSalle Streets.

Check In: Will be held outside the conference room starting at 12 Noon. Please bring your emailed confirmation and some form of photo identification. We can't admit gate crashers due to the filled attendance; that's why we're verifying registration at the door. For the same reason, attendees will not be able to bring guests who have not separately registered.

Agenda: From 1 PM - 3 PM we will review concepts pertaining to the psychology of markets themselves, with a focus on identifying shifts and trends in buying and selling sentiment. Trevor and Brett will follow the S&P 500 e-mini futures market in real time with the Market Delta platform to illustrate trading ideas in real time. After a break at 3 PM, Brett will present trading psychology best practices from his recent work with traders at various firms; he will also discuss (and disclose) his methodology for identifying and utilizing pivot-point trading targets. The last portion of the day will be a group coaching session in which attendees can bring up any question regarding trading or trading psychology.

We'll be encouraging lots of questions, discussion, and mutual learning. It should be fun! Please make sure you're at the seminar early to check in so that we can get as much live time in the market as possible. Thanks!



eric said...


I am a new trader on wall street and have been following your advice for awhile.

I will be flying in for the seminar and am wondering if it will be very techincal. Are there any materials that I should brush up on before attending?

I only trade stocks and have no experience with e-mini's.

Thank you very much.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi Eric,

No, the session will not be highly technical; if the blog makes sense to you, then the seminar should as well. I will have a reading for the seminar posted to the blog in advance of the session. Thanks--


E-Mini Player said...

Looking forward to it! Should be a great time :)

Arthur said...

Hi Dr Brett. Though I couldn't leave Singapore and fly over to attend your seminar, I believe you're one of a kind in this field where most other professionals would charge an arm and a leg or maybe both for a "intensive" weekend session. Do know tat your blog is getting more attention from Asia participants! Hope to see you in Singapore someday. We've a bunch of highly capitalised amateur traders but ill-informed here. None of our local traders trainers are half as logical and good as what you have in your blog.