Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching Up From Asia

* Wonderful City, Wonderful Hosts - Many thanks to Ana Wang and Ray Barros for their gracious welcome to Singapore. You can tell a lot about a country and city by how it maintains and develops its infrastructure, and Singapore is stellar in that regard.

* Nice to See Him Back - Happy to see that Charles Kirk has landed on his feet in Utah and is back to finding excellent market themes in his links.

* More Themes - Trader Mike updates with views on short-selling bounces, guidelines for novices, and more. See the latest from Abnormal Returns, including a look at two-year reversion patterns in markets, performance of small banks, and more.

* Wall St. and Washington - A thoughtful perspective on GSEs from A Dash of Insight.

* Dollar Strength - Chris Perruna notes a buy signal on USD.

* NASDAQ Weakness - Alpha Trends notes support becoming resistance.

* Expecting Bad Things? - Credit spreads are at all-time highs, Bespoke notes.


GS751 said...

I hope Asia went well.

JoeTeo said...

hi brett, wow we did not know you were in singapore, were you there fro a confernce that you were teaching?


JoeTeo said...

did not know you were in singapore. Read all your books, wonderful. Would have loved to meet up and thank you. Next time perhaps?