Friday, June 29, 2007

Worth Checking Out on a Friday Afternoon

* Pulling It Together - Trader Mike provides a test drive of the service; nice way to organize your data and feeds.

* Mind and Money - Here's a book I'll be digging into this weekend that looks promising. Richard Peterson has written an interesting synthesis of behavioral finance and neurofinance research that looks quite readable.

* Excellent Macro Perspectives - Barry Ritholtz offers views from the Knights of the Roundtable: rates, the economy, housing, and commodities.

* Top All Around Stocks - and StockPickr take a look at five top stocks based on fundamental, technical, and economic factors.

* Stock Picks From a Savvy Money Manager - I continue to like the VesTopia site for its coverage of the real time ideas and trades of money managers. Particularly check out the blog for Mark Hines. His stock picking ideas are solid, but it's his reasoning that you want to model as a trader/investor. Great job of theme-based thinking.


Steve said...

I would be interested in your views on Peterson's book.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi Steve,

So far my impression is that it's very well written and organized and pulls together quite a bit of information. It's not a how-to-trade/how-to self-help book at all. Rather, it's a compendium of information about the behavioral aspects of investing.